Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank PumpingSeptic Express’s septic tank pumping service is second to none… We not only pump, clean and dispose of your wastewater in accordance with all state and federal regulations, we go a step further, educating our customers on the each and every aspect of the system, tank and treatment process. After all, knowledge is key to the long and healthy life of your septic system. Septic Express’s septic tank pumping service includes:

  • Locating, Exposing and Accessing Lids
  • Septage Level Assessment & Wastewater Removal
  • Mainline, Mid-seam, Inlet, Outlet, Baffle & Riser Analysis
  • Solids Removal, Back-flushing and Tank Cleaning

Tips To Reduce Septic Tank Pumping Frequency

  1. To flush or not to flush… Aside from wastewater, toilet paper is the only other thing that should be flushed. Using the toilet to dispose of sanitary products, paper towels, disposable diapers, cigarette butts, and even tissues will harm your septic tank and cause you to need pump-outs more often.
  2. Don’t use a kitchen garbage disposal. Septic systems are not intended to dispose of food waste, coffee grounds, grease, or fat, and, in fact, they will harm the septic tank. Try using a compost pile; it will reduce the number of pumping required!
  3. Reducing water usage will protect your septic system. Repair leaky faucets and toilets; install low-flow water fixtures, and turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving. Water conservation reduces a load of wastewater your septic system has to handle.
  4. While some manufacturers claim that biological additives enhance treatment and reduce the number of pump-outs, research indicates that biological enzymes and other “miracle” system additives do not improve functionality. The amount of bacteria or enzyme in each dose of additive is so small, that its effectiveness is virtually undetectable.
  5. Using additives to avoid pumping may cause even bigger problems. Without proper pumping, solids will flow into and clog the drain field, resulting in an expensive repair process.

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